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Garden design ideas for small gardens


For people with busy and demanding lifestyles a small garden is just right, but where do you start with a small space? Statements such as “it’s too small to do anything with so I will just turf or pave it” are common place when it comes to small outdoor spaces. However it designed and planned well even the smallest of gardens can add a WOW factor to your home and provide a place in which to relax, or extending the home space by creating another room in which to entertain.


So where do you start? First decided what you want to use your outdoor space for and understand your space, for example which when are most likely to be in the garden? What time of day? Once you understand this look at the garden at that time of day and identify the area with the most sun, this is the likely space to have a patio. Next decide what style of garden you prefer, contemporary, informal, etc.


When designing your available space remember to use it wisely and economically, try not to clutter the area with too much planting or statutes as this will result in the garden appearing even smaller. Additionally when creating the garden as an extension of the home use similar colour palettes in the garden, decking can also be used to replicate wooden floors within the interior of the house.


Before commencing theproject is important to plan the space, this can be achieved by creating a garden design plan before any construction work commences. It is significantly cheaper to amend a design than it would be to amend anything after construction has commenced.