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An Idea for a Low Maintenance Garden No. 1


You may have noticed in our recent blogs that we are currently creating a garden for a customer who has a small area and requires low maintenace garden. The garden is progressing nicely and all of the paving has been completed so we are now ready to create the planting areas.

To help keep the garden low and easy maintenance for the customer we had discussed the installation of several raised planting beds within the garden, and we have chosen to use new sleepers to create them.


Once the beds had been constructed new top soil was imported to provide the plants with the best possible start.


Now completed the plants have been positioned out ready for planting. As well as providing easy maintenance raised sleeper beds help to frame the garden and adding another dimension to the area.


Just completing the hard landscaping had already transformed the garden from what it was, but now that the beds are in and the plants positioned it has transformed again. Visit us again to see the final garden.