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Incorporate Water into your Garden Design


What could be better than the sound of trickling water in the garden?

When people think about water in the garden the images that are conjured up are those of large ponds or koi pools:

Garden Pond Design 1
Garden Pond Design 2

However there are alot more varieties of water features which can be incorporated into a garden and if your concern is safety then the following can provide an ideal solution,

Rills can provide a formal and structured look and work well in almost any garden:

Modern 1

Streams can create the sound of moving water which can be welcoming on a hot summers day:

Garden Pond
Pic 8 (Outcome) v2

Alternatively if you want fish in the garden and are worried about safety a raised pool can provide an ideal solution:

Paved Garden
Modern 2

To find out about the type of water feature that you can have in your garden contact AGI Landscapes to find out more.