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July Garden Maintenance Tips


Some garden maintenance tips for July

  • Remove faded blooms from Roses and any suckers from rootstock
  • In beds and borders remove the formation of seed heads to channel energy into the production of further blooms
  • If not already completed, sow biennial and perennial seeds
  • Border carnations can be propagated via layering as soon as shoots have reached a reasonable length
  • Autumn Crocuses can be planted now
  • Keep water features filled by replacing water lost through evaporation
  • Prune blackcurrants as soon as possible after the last fruits have been picked
  • Continue regular mowing of lawns and treat any weeds with a suitable weedkiller
  • Some shrubs which flower mainly on one year old wood should be pruned as soon as the flowers fade
  • Trailing plants in rock gardens with too much vigour should be trimmed after flowering