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Redesigning a garden


In the previous blog we looked at the various items that need to be considered before embarking on a redesign of your garden. But how do you know what you like? How do you know what you want from the garden? When redesigning a garden where do you start?

Like most things that we do to our homes we draw inspiration from other sources, when thinking about the garden this is no different. Inspiration can be drawn by:

  • Visiting other gardens in the area – remember to take a camera with you and take photos of things that you like
  • Review garden magazines – cut out images that you like and stick on a ideas border
  • Browse on line or on Pinterest
  • Sit down with family members and create a list of things that you want to get from the garden – an area for entertaining, a play area

Admittedly your garden and budget with govern what you can achieve in the space that you have available. However when you have your initial meeting with a garden designer this will provide an idea of the style you like and your ideas for the space. Using this information the designer will then review your outdoor space and together you can start to create your dream garden.

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