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February Garden Maintenance Tips


Whilst there are still cold days and nights, accompanied with frost and snow there are some early signs that spring is not far away and that the garden is starting to awake. This month Snowdrops put on their display and spring bulbs such as crocus just start to break through the soil providing gardeners with excitement of what is to come.

However there are still plenty of jobs to do to in the garden in this month, so here are some February garden maintenance tips.

  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from lawns
  • Shred and compost all prunings and old herbaceous material
  • Prepare ground for laying lawns in spring
  • Maintain perennial beds when conditions allow
  • There is still time to plant trees
  • Heel in bare-rooted trees and shrubs if weather prevents planting
  • Remove snow before it breaks or disfigures trees and shrubs
  • Remove seed potatoes from their bags and set to sprout in boxes or trays
  • Signs of waterlogging after rain should be dealt with promptly
  • Some species of clematis that flower during summer and autumn on new shoots will benefit from hard pruning
  • Clean all decks and paved areas
snowdrops in february