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Prevent costly mistakes by having a garden design


A question which is sometimes asked to garden designers is “Why do I need a garden design?”, after all TV programmes make garden makeovers look so easy and at the end of the day it’s just gardening.

However creating a garden can be as complicated as having an extension to your home. As with a property extension a garden consists of hard landscape construction such as paving, walls, timberwork, structural features and can incorporate electrical installation for lighting and water features.

So would you build an extension without a plan? Creating an extension without plans carries the risk of something being installed in the wrong place such as a wall, door or window. The same can also apply to garden construction, if a patio or wall is built in the wrong place it can be costly and time consuming to take-up and reposition. Equally even some of the more decorative features such as planting need careful consideration to ensure that they have the right conditions in which to thrive.

By employing the services of a skilled garden designer they can help you look at your property in a more holistic way, discussing the overall layout of the garden even if it is something you wish to create over a period of time. By bringing ideas together on paper provides a clear visual image of what is viable within the space available.

It is possible to prevent costly mistakes with a garden design as the scaled design is captured on paper thereby making it possible to amend the layout without incurring any unnecessary and expensive costs. Once the final design is agreed and it will provide an accurate map on how to construct the garden. The plan can then be used to construct the garden all in one go, or in phases over time and can be handed to any competent contractor for pricing and construction.

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