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May Garden Maintenance Tips


By now the garden will be full of life and plants will be starting to look lush and colourful, as much as you may want to sit back and enjoy the daylight there are many tasks to do. Here are a few May garden maintenance tips to get you started.

  • During dry periods keep plants watered and apply a mulch to borders to help with water retention
  • Beware it is possible to still have a late frost so keep a watch on tender plants
  • Mow lawns regularly as weather permits
  • Prune and tip in fan trained fruit trees
  • Remove faded flowers from Rhododendrons and lilacs to prevent them wasting energy
  • Train new shoots on climbers
  • Weeds grow quickly at this time of year so hoe or hand weed regularly
  • Remove faded flower heads from daffodisl, hyacinths and tulips
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