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What is garden or landscape design?


What would you like to have in your garden?

Have you ever watched TV and thought I would really like that in my garden but is that really possible? If you could, what would your ideal landscape design have?

  • a patio large enough for entertaining
  • a built-in barbeque for use during the warmer months
  • the sound of water gently trickling
  • a deck terrace to lounge on
  • an area for relaxing and unwinding
  • something else?

It is important to understand how you use your garden

Gardens provide an outdoor space for many purposes. Whether it is a place to unwind and relax after a busy day, or somewhere to entertain friends well into the evening. A garden is always unique, the style and purpose is dependent upon your requirements as well as the practical aspects of the garden (size, shape, orientation, soil etc.).

Deciding what you want your garden to look like, and how best to use the space and land available can be difficult. This is where a landscape design can help, but what is it?

Hardwood Deck

What is a garden or landscape design?

A garden or landscape design is the creation of a scaled plan of your new garden. The plan will enable you to see an overview of the garden and the various areas. The plan also provides the opportunity to get the design correct before starting any construction work.

Garden with Patio and water feature

Clients are amazed by the possibilities of their outdoor space. With a plan, gardens can be constructed  over a period of time, or in one go. The beauty of having a landscape design is ultimately you know what the garden will look like at the end.

Contact us to discuss a landscape design for your outdoor space and see what is possible, you might just be surprised.