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Garden Design Inspiration


Places to visit for Garden Design Inspiration in 2016

Visiting gardens and national events can be inspirational  and a way to get away from life’s demands. Therefore why not take time to plan places to go and see in 2016.

Below is a list of places to go and see in 2016 whether they be local events or national.

Date fromDate toTitleContact for more information
27/03/1527/03/15Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Gunby HallGunby Hall
27/03/1527/03/15Burghley East Egg HuntBurghley House
13/02/1621/02/16Snowdrop week at Easton Walled GardensEaston Walled Gardens
13/02/1614/02/16Snowdrop weekend at Little Ponton HallLittle Ponton Hall
20/02/1621/02/16NGS Open Day at Ashfield HouseNGS (National Garden Scheme)
19/03/1610/04/16Magnificent seasonal displays of Narcissi and spring bulbsBurghley House
25/03/1625/03/16NGS Open Day at Easton Walled GardensNGS
09/04/1610/04/16NGS Open Day at Burghley HouseBurghley House
10/04/1610/04/16NGS Open Day at Firsby ManorNGS
10/04/1610/04/16NGS Open Day at Grimsthorpe ManorNGS
10/04/1610/04/16NGS Open Day at Sedgebrook ManorNGS
17/04/1617/04/16NGS Open Day at Normanby HallNormanby Hall
20/04/1620/04/16Capability Brown – the Burghley LegacyLincolnshire Garden Trust
22/04/1622/04/16Capability Brown in Yorkshire at Wentworth CastleWentworth Castle Gardens
01/05/1601/05/16NGS Open Day at Fotherby GardensNGS
05/05/1608/05/16RHS Malvern Spring FestivalRHS Website
05/05/1605/05/16Discovering Capability Brown at BelvoirLincolnshire Garden Trust
24/05/1628/05/16Chelsea Flower ShowRHS Website
29/05/1629/05/16NGS Open Day at Firsby ManorNGS
12/06/1612/06/16NGS Open Day at Gunanock HouseNGS
12/06/1612/06/16NGS Open Day at Hackthorn HallNGS
16/06/1619/06/16BBC Gardeners WorldRHS Website
19/06/1619/06/16A Brownian Midsummer Garden Party at Hainton HallLincolnshire Garden Trust
19/06/1619/06/16NGS Open Day at Aubourn HallNGS
19/06/1619/06/16NGS Open Day at Hall FarmNGS
26/06/1626/06/16Rose day at Gunby HallGunby Hall
03/07/1610/07/16Sweetpea week at Easton Walled GardensEaston Walled Gardens
05/07/1610/07/16RHS Hampton Court PalaceRHS Website
07/07/1607/07/16In the footsteps of Capability BrownLincolnshire Garden Trust
09/07/1609/07/16Peter Pan Open Air TheatreGunby Hall
09/07/1609/07/16Battle Proms Concert at Burghley HouseBurghley House
17/07/1617/07/16NGS Open Day at East Mere HouseNGS
20/07/1624/07/16RHS Flower Show, Tatton ParkRHS Website
07/08/1607/08/16NGS Open Day at Gunby HallGunby Hall
16/08/1616/08/16Walking with Capbility Brown at Grimsthorpe CastleCapability Brown
21/08/1621/08/16The Railway Children Open Air Theatre at Gunby HallGunby Hall
04/09/1604/09/16Autumn Country Market at Easton Walled GardensEaston Walled Gardens
13/09/1613/09/16A guided walkby Brown’s lake at Grimsthorpe CastleLincolnshire Garden Trust
24/09/1625/09/16Malvern Autumn ShowRHS Website
04/10/1605/10/16RHS London Harvest Festival ShowRHS Website
09/10/1609/10/16Walking Browns Ridings in Brockesby ParkLincolnshire Garden Trust
23/10/1623/10/16NGS Open Day at Ashfield HouseNGS

We update this page as more events arise, to keep up to date either:

If you have any events that you would like to add to this list please add details into the discussion pane at the bottom of the page.