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What is the purpose of a focal point in a garden?

“What constitutes a garden focal point?”, “Why have them?”

A garden focal point can be anything you choose to add interest and draw a visitor to it. Focal points make your eyes dance around the garden with intrigue and interest.

Examples of focal points

A well-positioned bench inviting visitors to wander across for a seat so that they can pause and reflect on the beauty of your garden

Lighting of a wandering path inviting you to venture into the garden and see its hidden treasures

A statue or pot drawing your eye to the furthest point of the garden, thereby distracting you from the size of the space surrounding you

Lighting can be used in the garden at night to highlight features or create focal points. For example up lighting the white bark of a betula utilis jacquemontii against the dark night

In essence a focal point can be anything. Its aim – to add interest in the garden, inviting people to explore or to make a statement using a sculpture or artwork.