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Why design your garden at the same time as your architect is doing house plans?

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We have had many customers who have approached us at shows and said “We will need your services once we our house/ extension is complete but our architect is only just started to draw up the plans”. You can imagine their surprise when we explain that whilst the plans for the building work are being drawn up is the best time to have a garden design created.

But why have the garden design done now?

So many times we have met people who have had beautiful houses designed and built, but are left with a muddy area surrounding their new home. If lucky there maybe some money left in the budget to afford a path around the side of the house and a small patio immediately outside the back door.

Urban & Town Gardens

So if budget is an issue why should you worry about having a garden design done?

There are several reasons why having your garden designed so early is beneficial:

The design pays for itself

Just like architects, great garden designs are created by professionals who know their skill really well, so as you would expect there is a charge for having designs drawn-up. However good garden designers are able to look at the virgin site and create a garden which can absorb some of the spoil that you would have otherwise paid for your building contractors to dispose of when digging out footings.

Get the garden right the first time

In order to provide clients with the ability to walk around the outside of the house, the immediate default of builders to put a simple path around the side of the house and maybe a small patio at the straight outside the patio door. However when the garden is later created this is always dug up and repositioned as they are typically in the wrong place or are uninspiring. By having the design drawn before construction starts you can ask the builders to lay the patio in your preferred place first time, thereby saving costs.

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Having a design allows flexibility

By having a design drawn up means that you can take a phased approach to the creation of your garden as time and budget permits. Our designs are drawn to scale and as a result you can provide the design to any landscaper and ask them to quote for a distinct area of the garden to be completed.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having your garden designed at the same time as your architect is drawing your plans, to find out more contact us for a consultation.