Newark, Nottinghamshire

The customer wished to restore an overgrown and neglected walled fountain garden to its former glory and improve upon the original design.

The Approach

As the saying goes “an Englishman’s home is the garden” – it’s the area that is on show 365 days of the year, an area we all love to look at and dream of what masterpieces we could create.

We completely understand this sentiment and that is why we work with our clients to mould, design and create the garden of their dreams.

The Construction

The site was cleared and the fountain carefully deconstructed and sent for restoration. In preparation for the new pathways footings where excavated, and electrical cabling laid for new lighting.

Once the new paths had been created and the fountain re-installed work began on levelling imported top soil for the turf lawns and planting areas.

The new lawn was laid and the water feature re-filled. Prior to the planting of the borders the customer asked for if the boundary wall could be saved from falling into further ruin. A separate plan and proposal was provided to the customer for the works, and once accepted work commenced.

After completion of a structural survey report, the footings were dug for creation of the buttresses to support the existing wall.

New topsoil was imported into the borders and trellis installed on walls ready for the planting of climbing roses.

The Outcome

After all of the construction work had been completed the borders were planted adding the finishing touch.