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Extend your garden by including lighting into your garden design


Well planned lighting can create a real wow factor

The advantages of garden lighting are:

  • Extends entertaining into the evening
  • Highlights features and focal points in the garden
  • Garden is accessible all year round, even in winter when the days are shorter
  • Creates moods
  • Illuminates pathways
  • Garden can be enjoyed from inside the house by creating a spectacular back drop
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Although the days are starting to shorten in  some areas it is still quite warm in the evening, so why not extend the use of your outdoor room by introducing lighting into the garden. Not only does lighting provide a practical a solution for dining areas and pathways, it can also be used to enhance features and draw the eye. With the wide variety of lighting options available there is something to suit all requirements and tastes.

Lighting is also available for water features, however check the manufacturers for suitability and arrange for all electrical work to be undertaken by a suitably qualified electrician.

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Lighting can also be used to uplight plants with dramatic effect, particularly when bold, coloured is used.

To learn more about how lighting can transform your garden in the evening contact AGI Landscapes .