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Things to do in the garden if you are isolated at home but feeling well

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In this time of uncertainty if you find yourself isolated at home, but generally feeling well why not venture into your garden. There is nothing like fresh air, the sound of nature and birds singing to lift your spirits, and to distract your mind. But what things can you go? 

March is a month of excitement in garden as we start to see longer days spring creep in, buds starting to open, and if you are fortunate to have them in your garden daffodils, crocus and other spring flowering bulbs are adding splashes of colour. Additionally shrubs are also adding interest such as Camellias which are in flower and the new colourful foliage of Pieris. The garden is certainly waking, but what things can you go? 

Now is the time to prepare the garden for the new season, so here are some March garden maintenance tips.

  • Ensure that all bare-root trees and shrubs are planted before they start growing
  • Stake trees and tall shrubs as March is typically the month of strong winds
  • Shrubs that flower on the current year’s growth should be pruned now
  • Snowdrops should be split and moved whilst they are still in leaf
  • Shred and compost all pruning’s and old herbaceous material
  • Remove weeds, by hand or hoe, while still small
  • As plants start to grow apply a dressing of fertiliser and a good mulch
  • When weather permits remove thatch in lawns by raking
  • Finish cutting back and tidying borders

Thinking that your garden maybe in need of a makeover, now is also a great time to plan your garden layout so that any construction work can be completed in time for summer. To ensure that you get the most out of your garden click to arrange a consultation with one of our garden designers who will work with you to get the perfect garden.