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Health, Wellbeing, Covid and Gardens – What is the connection?


If there is one thing that Covid-19 has taught me……

As garden designers we already know how important and powerful a garden is both to health, wellbeing and socialising, and for the past 25 years+ we have been sharing this knowledge and wisdom with our customers.

Whenever we speak to customers contacting us, we do hear frequently hear, “If there is one thing that Covid-19 taught me……

  • “Is the importance of family”
  • “How precious life is”
  • “How important it is to have a nice garden”

During the lock down period, people were only able to go out for short periods time, for exercise or for essential travel to get shopping, medication or to go to work. During this time private gardens provided a vital space to retreat to, escape and switch off from the chaos that was going on.


But we are out of lock-down so why does it matter?

Yes, things feel like they have returned to normal, but what is the new normal? With more people working from home, or hybrid working, the division between work and private life has become blurred. So how do you get space from work? Where can you just unwind, relax and switch off from work?


The press is reporting that more people than ever have taken up gardening, but why?

People are finding that being outside in the garden, surrounded by nature helps them to switch off from the pressures of noise of work. People find that they feel more relaxed and helps to reduce stress levels they are experiencing.

And with gardening you are getting physical exercise, which is very important. You’re being physically active while getting that connection with nature.

“It’s being outside and away from everything. You’re engaging with something completely separate. You’re thinking about your plants, you’re digging in the soil, you might even be able to hear some water flowing.


But don’t just take our word for it

Please find below links to articles discussing the important part that gardens play in our health and wellbeing


Ok, but how do I get started, my garden is a mess/ boring?

It can be daunting to know where to start, and may deter you from creating your outdoor sanctuary. If you are unsure where to start why not engage the services of a garden designer. Below are links to articles that you may feel useful:

What is garden or landscape design?

Redesigning a garden

Designing your garden – What considerations?

Alternative you can contact us at AGI Landscapes to discuss a garden consultation and design.