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Informal Garden Design

The informal garden design is full of shapes that are flowing and organic, and has no symmetry, nor any main axis. Instead the garden can add an air of intrigue with constantly changing views which are revealed as you pass through. Since the informal design is at odds with the structured form of garden boundaries it is important that the design uses lush and extravagant planting to conceal these borders.

Soft curves and mixed borders which lightly spill over paths can be incorporated to disguise the edges . This creates an area which is both pleasing on the eye as well calming, and providing the perfect place to unwind.

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Why use Garden & Landscape Design by AGI?

No. 1

Years of experience

Over 25 years experience of garden and landscape design and construction

No. 2


We bring a new perspective to your outdoor space, while bearing in mind your wants, needs and dreams

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With our specialist knowledge and skills, we have assisted and overwhelmed customers with the transformation of their outdoor space

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Qualified in Landscape Design and Horticulture from De Montfort University

Garden Landscape Design by AGI

Our Design Process

We offer a range of garden design services that are tailored to your needs, from  consultation to landscape design and implementation.

Whether it is inspiration for part of your garden, or a complete transformation, working in partnership with you, together we will create the outdoor space that you can enjoy.

Step 1


A visit of the garden and discussion to capture your requirements for the outdoor space.

Step 2


Taking measurements and levels of existing garden, along with assessment of soil conditions.

Step 3


A draft garden plan is created based upon the consultation and site survey.

Step 4


Scaled design of new garden layout with details of landscape materials and levels.

Step 5


Planting scheme showing botanical names of plants along with positions, quantities, and size.

Step 6


If required detailed construction drawings can be created for complex areas.

Step 7

Setting Out

Drawings showing all dimensions of the landscape layout of the new garden.

Step 8


Working with nurseries and growers to supply plants for our projects.

Step 9

& Detail

This provides landscape contractors with the information to quote accurately.

If you'd like to work with us, simply get in touch. We're happy to discuss your project needs!