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Incorporate planting plans into garden design


Important considerations when planning garden planting

Before starting to plant your garden it is important to consider the garden environment, both money and time can be wasted by selecting incorrect planting for the garden conditions.

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When planning to plant a garden essentials considerations include:

  • Soil conditions
    Some plants such as Acers and Rhododendrons prefer acidic soil conditions
  • Climate
    It is important to understand your local environment, for example how hard the first frosts can be, how heavy the snow can be
  • Drought
    For areas with typically very dry summers careful consideration needs to be applied to the types of planting selected
  • Wet Ground
    In contrast to the aboe ground with ppor drainage, or clay soil can prevent the roots of plants  from breathing. However there are some plants which relish damp conditions or raised beds can provide a useful alternative
  • Shade
    Where the amount of sunlight is restricted to a couple of hours per day sun-loving plants will struggle and growth limited

Other factors to consider include the type or style of garden, the time available for maintenance and the purpose of the garden, for example it going to be for cut flowers, vegetable growing, an area for children, a plant lovers garden or a combination of things. Such considerations impact upon the style of planting selected and the overall scheme.

AGI Landscapes LLP offers a planting plan service which will provide you with all of the required information and details of recommended plants to help you create a successful of you garden. Click here to learn more about this service or alternative contact us to arrange a consultation.

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