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3 Dimensional drawings can help to visualise a garden design

When creating a garden design for clients, we take pride in ensuring that all of our designs are to scale and can provide clients with the additional service of 3 dimensional drawings.

Benefits of detailed scaled designs

Detailed scaled designs remove the guess work and enable contractors to provide quotations rather than estimates. Thus helping you to understand the cost of the landscape work before construction commences.  Additionally detailed designs provide you with flexibility over how you approach the construction of your garden.

Whilst some people prefer to get the garden transformation completed in one go, others may choose to phase the garden construction over a period of time. In a similar way that architect drawings enable you to plan the construction of a property, scaled designs provide the same  solution. The best thing is that you ultimately know how the garden will look when you have finished.

We have a number of clients who have transformed their garden over several years either due to budget constraints, or because they have chosen to do most of the work themselves as they have time.


Scaled 2D Garden Design Plan


3 dimensional drawings provide additional help with visualising the end result

Where new garden designs are complex, or where customers have requested, we are able to provide 3 dimensional snap shots of the garden to help visualise the space. Here are a few that we have drawn for some of our customers.





Visit the garden design page for information regarding our design service, and to view other designs that we have completed. Alternatively if you would like to discuss the potential for your outdoor space, visit the contact us page.